Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wild Wolves Around You

Welcome to the gun show! Whoever said muscle shirts with animals on them aren't cool? Despite the many critics who render them too 80's, I fell in love with this look when first laying eyes on a wolf shirt in a pricey surf shop in New Zealand. Then, I imagined it too bold for me to ever be able to pull off, but soon enough I came to the point in my life where I just stopped caring what people think about me. Trust me, its a beautiful and freeing place to live in, I recommend you do the same! I was once again reminded of this eccentric look while browsing Urban Outfitters (typical) and finding more glorious options like this one. Being the frugal girl that I am, I decided it would be much more wise and affordable to search elsewhere, thus the hunt began. I thrifted this treasure shortly after and made some renovations to make it into the beaut it is today, going from a man's extra large tee to this stylish tank. I've found this shirt is not only comfortable but also versatile, I wear it with skinny jeans or leggings, sweaters or my denim shirt (shown in post below), boots or flats. So there you have it, it isn't impossible to achieve your wildest fashion dreams (although it is important to proceed with caution on some upcoming trends). Have a great day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dreamy Denim

One day as I was gazing longingly into my closet, I suddenly realized how I had acquired quite the collection of light denim articles. I really enjoy all three of these pieces because they can can create so many different looks: girly, edgy, classy, casual.. You name it! Inspired by my sudden realization, I decided to create 3 different looks with each of these pieces.

Look number 1:
[Denim shirt: Target / Shorts: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Urban Outfitters]
I was honestly a little proud of this compilation. Who would have thought nice black shorts could go so well with a denim button up? Nonetheless, this outfit gives off a casual yet classy vibe (and maybe something you could find in an Urban Outfitters catalog, who doesn't want that?!)

Look number 2:
[Jacket: Cotton On (Australia) / Dress: Forever 21 / Boots: Target]
Somehow this outfit turned out much more country than I had anticipated, but hey, I'm not complaining! Each article is completely different; the jacket is edgy, the dress has a vintage feel, and the boots are somewhat country, yet somehow all come together quite nicely.

Look number 3:
[Skirt: Cotton On (Australia) / Jacket: Forever 21 / Tights: Target / Necklace: Target]
With a girly piece like a skirt, I always like to balance it out with something a bit more edgy, so I paired it with this leather (fake) motorcycle jacket. I also am entirely obsessed with tights this winter and I like the vintage feel these give off. I think the necklace makes a statement without being too overpowering, completing the look.

I hope you're inspired to go forth and make unlikely yet bold fashion statements!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make a Plan to Love Me

Hey all! I know it has been a while since I've done a "real" post (sorry to bore you with my attempted poetry skills), but things have been nuts in the Aguilera household with all of the holiday festivities! Now that they're passed I'm hoping to do more and better posts for you to feast your eyes on. A little over a week ago I took some more engagement photos (if you can call them that) in the snow. Let me tell you, I thought my fingers were going to fall off by the time the last photo was taken... it was FRIGID! So for all that I suffered to take these photos, I hope that you enjoy the guts out of them! They're quite angelic (HAHA, get it?). Anyways, here you are:

Things got a little out of hand... They're doing great now, they've resolved their issues.