Sunday, September 26, 2010


Naturally, coming home one of the things I most looked forward to was being in my old room again. Being able to have an entire room ALL to myself, sleeping in my QUEEN sized bed, and loving on all my clothes that I had to leave behind for 5 months.  But when I came home, I decided that I was unsatisfied with the decorations on my wall next to my bed so I decided to spice things up and redecorate! And once I have an idea in my head, it plagues me until I do something about it, I had a vision that needed to be fulfilled! So here are a few pictures of my little interior design endeavor, I'm quite pleased with the results.
A close up of some of the different elements:

  1.  I framed a vintage picture of my grandma (Isn't she GORGEOUS?!) and mom
  2. I decoupaged a plain old J with this cool pattern and some shiny mod podge
  3. A little shelf for some of my classic books
  4. I took a couple magazine clips of these pictures I adored and reprinted them in sepia. To cover up the writing, I made this swirly design.
  5. On a framed picture of one of my favorite childrens books, the Velveteen Rabbit, I glued a couple of old fashioned keys (I clearly have an obsession with keys)
  6. I framed this vintage looking paper I found at the store

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