Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the season!

 As most of you know, Christmas is right around the bend! It comes as even more of a shock to me considering I live in Colorado and have only experienced a couple snowstorms! Oh the randomness of Colorado weather.. Regardless of it not FEELING like Christmas, our house is decked out as usual from ceiling to floor in everything Christmas (my mother is a little obsessed with Christmas..). This year, she put me in charge of designing the table setting. Automatically the wheels in my brain started turning and all I could picture was glass jars filled with glitter (of course), pine cones, candles, and other pretty things for a classic yet rustic feel. Sounds quite random, but then I saw the Pottery Barn Catalog and guess who already published my idea? Right.. So here is their spin on MY wonderful idea:

Fabulous right? Well here is my (less glamorous) version:
Since they borrowed my idea, I figured it was okay to borrow their paper star idea, they're just too cute!

So although I may not be up to Pottery Barn's standard, I still think this will make a chic and extravagant table setting for the Christmas season! And also in spirit of Christmas..
Back in '07 in one of my legendary ugly Christmas sweaters! It isn't Christmas without one!

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  1. The paper stars made out of music paper are amazing! Love love love it!
    Happy Holidays!